Erasmus+ Programme


South West College
National School of Services Foundation
Bulgarian Facility Management Association
Vilnius Builders Training Centre


South West College is a Further and Higher Education College, located in the South West region in Northern Ireland. The College currently occupies a unique position as a driver for innovation in a range of specialist areas including renewable energy and sustainable technologies and holds a strong track record of working with and supporting local enterprises and SMEs. CREST offers an ever expanding range of training programs and courses, seminars, workshops, conferences and research & development services for Facility Management (FM) sector, covering topics such as new technology installation and operation, low energy and passive construction/maintenance techniques, environmental performance monitoring, and innovation in product development (e.g. smart building controls).


PROMEA is the Hellenic Society for the Promotion of Research and Development Methodologies. It develops and promotes innovative learning methodologies, coordinates and drafts EU funded research project proposals, and further develops research results & prototypes into innovative products & services for its members and clients.


Scuola Nazionale Servizi is a Foundation that supports publicĀ  and private administration and facility management companies.


Bulgarian Facility Management Association (BGFMA) is the professional facility management organization of Bulgaria. BGFMA plays vital role in popularizing and enhancing the prestige of the Facility Manager profession in Bulgaria and Southeast Europe. BGFMA is an active member of EuroFM and IFMA.


Vilnius Builders Training Centre is one of the main providers of quality vocational education and training in Lithuania. It offers a diverse range of courses and excellent facilities in the main areas of Building and Construction.